Little Boy Makes Huge Gesture At Waffle House

Brace yourself for some tears, guys, because this story is definitely sob-worthy. When Josiah Duncan and his mom were eating at a local Waffle House, the five-year-old saw a man sitting alone at one of the booths. When he started asking his mother questions as to why the man was sitting alone, his mother told him it was because he was homeless. When Josiah’s mom clarified to Josiah that this meant the man didn’t have a house, the little boy asked his mother to buy the homeless man food, bringing the man and the other diners at the Waffle House to tears.

When the man sat down at his booth, no one came to wait on him. “Josiah jumped up and asked him if he needed a menu, because he couldn’t order without one,” Josiah’s mother said. The homeless man ended up getting a hamburger with bacon after Josiah’s mother told him he could get whatever he wanted.

Before the man could dig into his meal, however, Josiah stopped him. “I wanted to say the blessing with him,” Josiah said. Here's the entire video of the heartwarming exchange that will probably make you tear up every time you see a Waffle House from now until the day you die:

Josiah sang the blessing in front of 11 other customers, and by the time he finished there wasn’t a dry eye in the Waffle House.

Images: fkruger/Fotolia