Britt May Have Found Love On 'The Bach'

After a heartbreaking night, a once hopeful Bachelorette may have found her happy ending. Britt was not chosen as The Bachelorette, but she might have something of a consolation prize and a good one at that. Brady immediately felt a connection with Britt and when he found that Kaitlyn was the winner, he felt that he could only do one thing: He left to pursue the woman he made a true connection with rather than stick around and lead Kaitlyn on for the sake of a TV show. And while I don't think Brady is a guy I'd ever date, I have to think he's a pretty stand-up guy for knowing that this wasn't right for him. Kaitlyn is here to find love and he's not going to get in her way just for a few more seconds of fame. But did Brady ever find Britt?

Well, according to Reality Steve, the two have been spotted out together, which means that at the very least, our Nashville Chris Martin found Britt. Whether or not they're enjoying a happily ever after is another matter altogether. And the whole "I left a TV show and a free vacation and fun activities behind to be with you" thing is kinda romantic. If I were Britt, I'd give this dude a chance (because if I were Britt, this dude might have a chance of being my type).

Now, I wasn't a fan of Britt and her whole "am I wife material" nonsense throughout the premiere, but if anyone deserves a little happiness after this premiere, it's Britt. She really got the raw end of the stick — those tears were real. That rejection had to hurt... badly.

Here's hoping Brady is the one good thing to come out of this whole ordeal for the waitress from Hollywood. It'd certainly make me feel a little better for rooting for Kaitlyn.