How Camellia Oil For Hair & Skin Can Absolutely Transform Your Beauty Routine

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If you're itching for new, natural ways to amp up your beauty routine, look no further than your favorite beverage: tea. Specifically, using camellia oil for hair, skin, and makeup can have a wonderfully nourishing effect on your entire bod.

Tea plants have been harvested for their leaves and brewed into beverages for over 3,500 years. Modern research into the chemical makeup of the camellia plant has uncovered a treasure trove of botanical actives that both give tea its flavor and protect it from the elements while it’s growing. Tannins, flavonoids, and polyphenols supercharge the leaves and flowers of the plant, and many cultures have been using the oil and extract of the evergreen sibling as a treatment for centuries.

If these elements are protecting the plantsfrom the sun, it makes sense that they would work to protect us as well. Particularly used for medicinal qualities before becoming a popular beverage, tea has been an integral part of eastern cultures before sparking wars and conquests with new demand from western society. Japan, Korea and China particularly are known for using tea based ingredients in their beauty customs, and everyone else is catching up as fast as they can! Here, a few products that contain camellia to add to your routine ASAP.

Images: Darnell Scott

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