This Man On Reddit Bought An XL Tank Top From Walmart And Did Not Expect It To Be "Skin Tight"

Every fashionista knows that sizes always vary a bit depending on the brand, but when you're shopping at Walmart, the clothes are pretty true size. However, this man on Reddit who bought an XL tank top from Walmart would beg to differ. If you're a hardcore Reddit-er, this picture of a built man in an XL tank top is probably old news for you – especially since news on Reddit tends to circulate and blow up very quickly. But to the rest of the world, allow me to give you the low down.

This man bought an XL gray tank top from Walmart, expecting the tank top to be loose rather than skin tight. Little did he know that he was purchasing a women's extra long tank, rather than an extra large tank. Guys may not understand, but all my sistas know the struggles of wearing leggings and finding a top long enough to cover their booty (and, um, camel toe). Obviously, this man was not on that same struggle bus because he bought the tank and wrote, "This is not what I expected." Nonetheless, fellow fashion-savvy Reddit-ers gave him tips on how to style this man's very first extra long tank with tips like, "Add a chunky belt and some 5 inch heels then ditch the pants and you have yourself a nice little dress for the club" and, "It's great because you can dress it up or dress it down."

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Image: itscostas/Reddit