Christina Aguilera's Celebrity Impressions Are So Spot On That She Is Probably The Only Celebrity We Need Anymore — VIDEO

What is your favorite Christina Aguilera iteration? Mickey Mouse Club Christina? "Genie in a Bottle" career-launching Christina? "Dirrty" Xtina from 2002? Kissing Madonna at the VMAs Christina? Pinup-inspired bombshell Christina? Before tonight, my answer would obviously have been huge-haired, fake courtesan in drag queen makeup Christina from the Lady Marmalade video (because duh), and, yes I probably would have called you stupid for choosing anything else. But that was before I saw this video of Christina Aguilera doing celebrity impressions to promote The Voice...and she killed it. I suppose I shouldn't be terribly surprised. For starters, she's been performing since she was basically a fetus (okay, since she was 10, but in my old age that feels fetal), and moreover she can do absolutely insane, awesome things with her voice. So impressions are probably a natural extension of her ample skill set.

I am a sucker for people not known for being funny making a foray into the comedy world, especially people who originally came into the public eye so marketed and packaged and cool. Justin Timberlake dressed up as breakfast foods belting out "Bring it on down to Omeletteville!"? Classic. Jon Hamm as a cold-eyed psycho in "Hamm and Buble"? Don Draper be damned, I consider that sketch his magnum opus. And so, welcome, Christina, to the hallowed halls of the hilarious.

Miley Cyrus

Just the right amount of overt sexiness and goofiness to make us simultaneously entertained and uncomfortable.


(But not Sia's...doppelgänger? Mini-Me? Evil Twin? Daughter? Clone? Minion? WTF is up with this schtick?)


Costarring Shakira's perfect and verbose English.

Lady Gaga

Jokes aside, the voice she does for this impression is so perfect that I don't think I'd know this wasn't Lady Gaga if I just walked in halfway through the video.


#yaskween. This is incredible because, seriously, if you don't think that Christina is going to be in 30 years what Cher is now you are gravely mistaken. If you are not a-quiver with excitement over this prophecym then I just don't know what to say to someone like you.

And of's Britney, B*tch!

You guys, if I had one Christmas wish this year, it would be for this impression to start another Christina/Britney rivalry/feud. I was lucky enough to have one in my lifetime and I would legit pee my pants to get to watch another.

Check out the full video below.

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