17 Books For Guys He’ll Love That He Probably Hasn’t Actually Already Read

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In your life as a literature-lover, you're going to come across many instances where you'll need to find good books for guys. There are birthdays and holidays, of course — and then, sometimes, you just feel the urge to shove a book into a dude's hand to just get him reading something other than the same cliché, macho stuff he always reads. (If this sounds familiar, I feel you so hard.)

So, I've got something for you: a list that will make him laugh, cry, and thank you for suggestions that will earn you a big, fat hug. Whether he’s looking for adventure, enlightenment, or just wants to kick back and experience the joy of a good book he's never discovered before, these 17 books are ones that he's going to fall pretty deeply in love with. Just try to spare him the "I told you so" if possible. At least try.

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