Spending Memorial Day On The Lake? Here Are 9 Things That Are Bound To Happen

The first three-day weekend of summer is quickly approaching, and you're planning to spend Memorial Day on the lake. Perf! Any lake and every lake is the ideal setting for a few days of unwinding. But with a Memorial Day party at the lake comes a long list of guarantees — both good and not so good. This is the official kick-off to summer, and everyone heading to the lake this weekend has been waiting a very long time for the snow to melt and for the sun to show its pretty lil' face.

In many ways, you need to come prepared. The lake, just like any other outdoor location, will have environmental elements that you need to protect yourself from. On the flip side, the lake is a peaceful spot, no matter which one you visit, and a little extra zen is what we all need during a three-day weekend. Stress, pressure, and anxiety can wait until you go back to work on Tuesday, so it's important to do whatever is in your power to avoid those feelings this weekend. It'll save your sanity, I promise. So here are all the good things and bad things you can expect to happen at the lake on Memorial Day.

1. Someone will get a terrible sunburn

It never fails. Someone will forget to put on sunscreen, fall asleep on the beach, and wake up looking like a fragile lobster. Pack plenty of SPF so that fool isn't you.

2. There will be a game of cornhole

Cornhole is a backyard, lakeside staple game. If you've never played, you will soon. Also, it's way more fun when adult beverages are involved.

3. Beer koozies will be everywhere

The weather will be warm, and that means people will need their beers to stay cool. You'll see them littered around the drink table with sad empty cans in the morning, right before the festivities resume for another day.

4. Someone will pretend to be a shark or the Loch Ness Monster

It's like this is a requirement when any group of people enters a large body of water. Be prepared for an underwater sneak attack.

5. Someone's phone will land in the lake

You'll pity this person. But with our outrageous emotional and mental attachments to our phones, is it any surprise that someone will venture into the water and forget to leave it behind?

6. The mosquitoes will bite

Summer's arrival means that these little buggers are coming out to play. Douse yourself with bug spray, and swat any that hover near you.

7. There will be a fantastic BBQ feast

This is the best part. Memorial Day is basically your summertime Thanksgiving. So give thanks for the abundance of BBQ sauce, and nosh on some burgers and ribs.

8. There will be smooching

Lakes are romantic. In all the quiet, comes several perfect make-out moments. Those who are not yet in love may just find it by the lake.

9. Everyone will be able to finally just relax

Lakes are also tranquil. They aren't aggressive or unpredictable like the waves of the ocean. They are still and perfectly peaceful. If you do nothing else this weekend, take a moment to bask in the silence.

Image: Ryan Snyder/Flickr; Giphy (8)