9 Weird But Wonderful Burger Toppings

by Chrissa Hardy

It's finally time to heat up the grill. With Memorial Day comes the start of summer, and with summer comes grilled meat, fruit, veggies, and really anything else. You can literally put anything edible on the grill and it'll taste better with grill marks. And this Memorial Day, the best thing on the grill will be the burgers. Whether they're veggie, black bean, or any kind of meat, burgers are an American holiday favorite, and quite possibly, the burger toppings are the very best part — no matter how strange they may seem.

The one rule about burger toppings is this: there are no rules. There used to be though. We used to stick with ketchup and mustard, and nothing more. Then we started adding lettuce, onions, and pickles, and then came all the special and unexpected sauces. Now, we throw on side dishes along with any and every possible condiment with reckless abandon. We pile them on together in combinations that you'd think would be absolutely disgusting. And you know what? It works somehow. Even the wackiest, weirdest, and most unusual burger toppings taste good. Here are some of the strangest burger toppings around, and ones that you should really consider for your Memorial Day feast.

1. Broccoli and Cheddar

This is usually a side dish to pork or maybe its own casserole. It's certainly never found between two buns and piled on top of a beef patty. But hey, it's cheese, so the rules must bend. I Am A Food Blog shows us what's up.

2. Jalapeño Cheetos

I feel like Liz Lemon would totally support this.

3. Peanut Butter

Good news, folks! Your favorite childhood sandwich has been transformed into a gourmet burger. We have Half-Baked Harvest to thank for this recipe.

4. Nutella

This is amazing because it's basically a dessert made into a burger. Are we in heaven? Yes, I think so.

5. Chorizo and Bacon Jam

I mean, it's odd, but it certainly makes sense, flavor-wise.

6. Funnel Cake

Instead of going to the fair, bring the fair to you — specifically, to your mouth, with this burger wrapped up in fried dough.

7. Mac and Cheese

Now THIS is a hearty meal.

8. Sunny Side-Up Egg

This is either the grossest or most amazing topping ever, depending on your tastes. Either way, it is certainly a strange burger companion.

9. A Whole Entire Pizza

This burger isn't just topped with pizza, it's completely encased in one. Which, I guess, makes it the most amazing burger in the world, period.

Image: Brandon/Flickr; I Am A Food Blog; Half Baked Harvest