8 Times Beyonce Was A Weirdo On Instagram, From #OOTD Overkill To Imitating Art — PHOTOS

Beyoncé has the poise and decorum of European royalty in the lion's share of her interviews. This aristocratic reserve adds to her queenly air — an air so queenly, so regal, that we can surmise that she's never been the slightest bit derpy. That's why it may be a surprise to you that Beyoncé is sort of a weirdo on Instagram. An endearing weirdo, but a weirdo nonetheless.

If you already follow Bey, this isn't news to you. However, if you don't follow her, you're missing all of the singer's little idiosyncrasies, nestled amongst the myriad "my life is so amazing" pictures. For instance, you may not be aware of the fact that she's obsessed with Flipagram. Furthermore, she won't just do one #OOTD post. She will typically post at least three pictures at a time of herself wearing the same outfit, meaning she's totally that person who blows up your feed with multiple pictures at once. Not to mention, she likes to stand stone-faced in front of things on the many extravagant travels she takes on the reg.

Let's take a quick look back at just a handful of the times that Beyoncé was hilariously weird on Instagram. She woke up like that. (Sorry, I had to.)

1. The Time She Posted Five Angles Of The Same Outfit

The first one's like, "Love the look, Bey!"

BUT WAIT, you haven't seen it with the jacket.

Then, by pictures four and five, you're a little burnt out on all the fabulousness.

2. The Time She Took That Outfit To Flipagram

Clearly, Beyoncé is so enamored with this look that she needed you to see it in flip book form. Furthermore, she felt compelled to dub this jazzy tune over said flip book. Gotta admire her tenacity.

3. The Time She Was Amused By The Double Meaning Of "Flossing"

She employed Flipagram once again to show herself and baby Blue flossing. And I'm not talking about showcasing their exorbitant wealth. I'm referring to the "practicing good dental hygiene" type of flossing.

4. Those Times She Posed Stone-Faced In Front Of Things

Serving up her best late 19th century daguerreotype face.

I know you can be overwhelmed by hot dogs, and you can be underwhelmed by hot dogs, but can you ever just be "whelmed" by hot dogs? In Beyoncé's world, you can.

Here's Bey posing by the Egyptian pyramids in full regalia in the middle of the night. It needs no commentary.

5. The Time She Imitated Art

You see the resemblance? Do ya??

6. The Time She Put Herself In Danger Of Being Stung For The Sake Of A Picture


7. The Time She Wanted You To Know How Bad Of A Skater She Is

It's nice to know that even the famous, seemingly flawless individuals among us still have a tough time remaining upright on wheely shoes.

8. The Time She Tried To Make A Tiger Cub & A Monkey Get Along


Cheers to being yourself, everyone!

Image: Beyonce/Instagram