The 'Late Show's Best Boy Band Moments Prove That David Letterman & Pop Music Really Meshed — VIDEO

The time has come. On Wednesday night, the Late Show With David Letterman officially closes up shop after its 22-year run. Understandably, the much beloved host's fans are getting nostalgic over the past memories from the show. And why not? When someone makes as big of an impact on television history as Letterman did, it's worthwhile to take a look back at what made him such a staple in America's media diet. And let's face it, aside from his comedy and style of hosting, a big part of the comedian's success was the awesome variety of guests that were featured on his show. One type of guest that made a few appearances? The boy band.Boy bands have been a huge thing in the United States and the United Kingdom since the 1980s, and they have shown no signs of slowing down in popularity anytime soon. Just look at the lovelorn fans today who chase after One Direction and who tear their hair out over a certain member's departure from the band. Love them or hate them, boy bands are a big part of our musical culture. And whenever the groups have made an appearance on the Late Show, they have reinforced why with their humor, their talent, and their undeniable good looks. So check out some fun boy band memories from the Late Show with David Letterman.

Jonas Brothers' 2009 Interview

Aside from the go-to jokes from Letterman about how young these boy banders were at the time (if you added up their ages, they would still not be as old as him!), it is really interesting learning about how they got their start in their interview with Letterman. Who would have known that the youngest band member started it all? And in a hair salon, no less?

Justin Timberlake's 2011 Interview

Though JT was obviously no longer part of *NSYNC at this point, he had a few confessions to make about being in the music industry. One surprising thing we learned is that he is still critical of himself when he hears his songs come on the radio. Aww!

One Direction's 2012 Interview

The obvious highlight of this episode is band member Niall Horan getting a bit more than what he bargained for when he sat next to Dustin Hoffman. The five boys were more than a little snug sitting together on one couch, but Horan was gracious enough to allow the legendary actor to take what little space was left next to him. And what did he get in return? A giant smooch from a two-time Oscar winner!

The Wanted Performs In 2013

So much for people saying that boy bands don't have real talent! In this extensive stretch from Letterman's show, The Wanted definitely proves otherwise. And the screams from the audience only reinforce that!

The Wanted's 2013 Interview

Letterman gives fans an up close and personal look at The Wanted. Though this is not much of a formal interview, it is nice to see the guys backstage after their performance just relaxing in a low-pressure environment. They seem so chill!

Backstreet Boys Top 10 Lyrics In 2013

Boy bands can make fun of themselves, too! In this hilarious moment, the Backstreet Boys do a self-parody their song lyrics from over the years, showing that they can have a good laugh at their own expense. One memorable "line?" "I don’t care who you are / What you’ve heard / What you did / I have very low standards."