Astros Pitcher Wears Batman Cleats For His MLB Debut, Is Our New Style Hero

In baseball, as in most professional sports, it's pretty difficult to express your individuality when you're forced to wear a uniform that makes you look identical to everyone else. Lance McCullers, however, managed to stand out amongst his teammates when he wore Batman-inspired cleats to his first MLB game. The subtle fashion statement was the perfect way to make his debut to the major leagues.

The rookie pitcher for the Houston Astros donned the sweet cleats during Monday night's game. They appeared to be from the Under Armour brand and were black, save for a yellow Batman logo printed on the back, Daily Dot reports. It seems the makeshift superhero shoes may have given him some super powers IRL, helping him achieve a 95 miles per hour pitching speed. Pretty impressive, no?

I love Batman," McCullers told the Houston Chronicle. "I have the trilogy and I have some other stuff. I think I saw some people getting on me (online), but it’s alright.” Don't let the haters get you down! The cleats are super cool (at least IMO), and it's great to see a professional athlete allowing his personal style to shine through even when in uniform

Check out these bad boys.

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Pretty badass, huh?

And it seemed like fans on Twitter we're digging the cleats too. Take a look at the reactions.

Unfortunately, Batman will likely not be returning to the mound. Supposedly, McCullers received a letter warning him that the cleats are in "violation of Major League Baseball's uniform regulations," according to The Daily Dot.

Well, that was fun while it lasted.

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