What Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, & 9 Other Pop Stars Would Bring To Your Memorial Day Barbecue

We're on the brink of barbecue season, folks! Time to get excited for three straight months of grillin', chillin', and swillin' (beverages, that is) with your ride-or-die peeps. And while you likely already have plans for Memorial Day to have all your favorite people over for a cookout, why not dream up your fantasy pop star barbecue? I'm asking the question: what would pop stars bring to your Memorial Day barbecue? It always helps to be prepared in case Beyoncé shows up to your house party.

With that, here are 11 pop stars and the items they would bring to your Memorial Day barbecue. 'Cause we all know someone has to get stuck with the plates.

Beyoncé — Burgers & Buns


Beyonce has a bunch of burgers left over from the “Feeling Myself” video, and your friend-b-cue is the perfect place to re-gift them.

Nicki Minaj — Buffalo Wings & Fries


While Beyoncé had dibs on the burgers, Nicki snagged the fries from the “Feeling Myself” shoot, and they’re gonna get all mealy and gross if they aren’t eaten NOW. For some protein, she dropped off at a Cluck-U and picked up some Buffalo wings, 'cause something tells me Nicki enjoys spicy things.

Lagy Gaga — Guacamole & Chips


Despite her insistence on bringing something Italian, you’d put Gagz on guacamole duty. You trust her with cooking and can imagine that she’d have a lot of fun smashing avocados and singing “Born This Way” at the top of her lungs in the kitchen.

Taylor Swift — Potato Salad


As an all-American human, Swift probably has some hella-mayonnaisey potato salad recipe in her blood that you’d really want to try. Not to mention, the salad will probably be highly Instagrammable.

Sam Smith — Devils On Horseback


This English hors d’oeuvre consists of baked prunes wrapped in bacon. Being that Smith is British, I would imagine this would be his contribution to your feast.

Ariana Grande — Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bars

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Grande grabbed dibs on dessert early on in the BBQ potluck email chain. Judging from her predilection for sweet-as-Hell Starbucks drinks, I’d guess she’d be all about the Good Humor ice cream bars. Probably strawberry shortcake, to be specific.

Britney Spears — Cheese Grits

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can take the girl outta the South, but you can’t take the South outta the girl. Given that fact, Britney would likely bring along a side in accordance with her Southern roots. You wouldn’t mind some cheese grits, after all.

Katy Perry — Watermelon


It only makes sense that Perry would bring a fruit that has inspired one of her past outfits.

HAIM — Plates, Cups & Plastic Silverware


Three sisters, three important things you need for a cookout. Boom. There you go.

Rihanna — Margarita Mix & Tequila


Leave the social lubricants to Rihanna, resident party baron of your barbecue. Cheers to the freakin’ long weekend!

Miley Cyrus — Veggie Burgers

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The emotional fallout of the death of Cyrus’ pet blowfish Pablow has probably led her to stop eating living things for a while. Hence, she’s bringing the vegetarian option.