Princess Charlotte Receives A Tiny Soccer Jersey & It's The Perfect Outfit For The New Royal — PHOTOS

It hasn't even been a month since Princess Charlotte was born, but life is off to a fantastic start for the royal tot. Not only is her every whim catered to and her every need managed by her loving parents Prince William and Kate Middleton, she is also reaping in an added bonus of being born into royalty. I'm talking, of course, about gifts. And Princess Charlotte just received a new gift — an outfit that is fit for a princess in the best and most unexpected way.

Charlotte's new outfit comes in a long line of gifts she's received over the past few weeks, amidst a slew of monetary presents and baby toys. Before she was even a week old, she received gifts from some of the world's top leaders, such as a pelt teddy bear from the Prime Minister of New Zealand and a pink sundress with a gold brooch from the President of Israel.

Of course, receiving gifts when you're a newborn royal is nothing new. Prince George received 706 gifts during an overseas tour back in 2014. (Anyone else think their playpen must be getting a little crowded?) But in any case, what makes this latest gift for Charlotte special is that it is a sports jersey from England's Women's Football Team (or soccer team, as we call it here in the States). Aside from being perfectly tiny and adorable, it even has her name etched on the back in true jersey style, with the number one, because of course.

When we think of the term "princess," what usually comes to mind is a frilly, poofy pale pink or blue ball gown, in part thanks to the rampant Disney-fication of the princess image in our culture. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing like that if you want to, whether you are a princess or not, it is nice to see that a real life princess is being offered an alternate option of attire so early on. After all, just because Charlotte is royalty does not mean that she has to dress a certain way all the time in her own spare time. Besides, Prince William has played his fair share of polo and Prince Harry played soccer and rugby. So, hey, it might be exciting if there is another young royal athlete, if that is what she wants to do! Wouldn't it be amazing if this was some kind of foreshadowing?

And look how proud Prince William looks in the photos. Did you see his beaming smile? He looks so happy that you might have guessed that baby Charlotte already scored her first goal.