Did Beyonce Pour Out $20K In Champagne In The "Feeling Myself" Video? It's Probably Just Water, Y'all

It's no secret that the Queen Bey is an eye-poppingly, ludicrously wealthy human being, but I doubt she'd be this wasteful. Owing to a clip in the "Feeling Myself" video that shows Beyoncé apparently pouring out extremely pricey champagne, the Internet is convinced that Lady Knowles is as careful with her money as a member of the 18th century French aristocracy. But let's do a reality check here, guys. Even billionaires don't wanna waste their nice booze.

For all you luxury champagne obsessives out there, it's likely that you recognized the metallic bottle of sparkling wine in Bey and Nicki Minaj's "Feeling Myself" music video as Armand de Brignac (street name: Ace of Spades). As E! News reports, the flossy bubz retails from "$300 to hundreds of thousands of dollars" (for a bottle of the size of a small child). That kind of money could do everything from pay your utilities to feed numerous hungry families, but the baroness of pop is evidently pouring the contents of one of these bottles into a hot tub. While Beyoncé is typically someone who can do no wrong, Twitter users are really not happy about her apparent wastefulness.

It's likely that the Carters have a few bottles lying around, as Jay Z purchased the company last year. Product placement is always a plus, too. A quick Google peruse will unearth a $250 bottle of this wine, although I couldn't find the exact price of the bottle Bey is holding, the people of social media seem to believe that it costs $20,000.

How quickly the tides of public favor can change! Earlier this week, reports surfaced of Bey-Z turning over thousands of dollars to bail Ferguson and Baltimore protestors out of jail. Now, everyone's convinced that Beyoncé is laughing in the faces of the world's hungry, destitute, and disenfranchised while warming her hands in the glow of a money bonfire.

And while the hip-hop world is hardly without its profligate displays of wealth, something tells me that Sasha Fierce isn't pouring actual wine here. My gut instinct tells me that she and the Barbz drank the wine and promptly filled the bottle from which it came with jacuzzi water. After all, those things are recyclable.

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