17 Heart-Wrenching 'Amy' Trailer Moments That You Won't Be Able To Watch Without Sobbing — VIDEO

I don't know if the sun is out where you are right now, but prepare to have your heart immediately clouded over with shadows as soon as you watch the new trailer for the Amy Winehouse documentary Amy . The upcoming documentary is about the life and career of Amy Winehouse, which was tragically cut short by her untimely death at age 27 from accidental alcohol poisoning. But, even though that was the ultimate, scientific cause of her death, there were many factors that transformed her from the clear-faced, smiling young girl she was when she began her career to a young woman who had lost interest in even performing.

There were drugs, alcohol (of course), a volatile relationship, an eating disorder, and some pretty deeply-rooted insecurities, all adding up to the terrifying, heart-breaking spiral that we all witnessed leading up to her death in 2011. And these elements are what the documentary focuses on, so hold onto your butts — and more importantly, your heart and your tear ducts — because this is going to be a bumpy ride. Her family has already distanced themselves from the documentary, which enters theaters Jul. 3, saying it portrays them and their daughter in a misleading, untruthful light, but the film has had a better reception elsewhere, with glowing reviews from many outlets.

But, no matter how you feel about the way it's presented, the material itself is beyond heart-wrenching, and it will reduce you to a puddle of feelings at your desk in just over two minutes. Here are the most painful moments.

We don't even have any video yet, but that slowed down, saddened version of "Back to Black" comes on, and I'm already right there with my heart in my throat.

Double whammy. Not only is this a shot of her saying, "Oh it's a bit upsetting at the end, isn't it," but she also has this incredible, un-self-conscious smile creeping across her face. I can't.

Oh god, and now baby pictures? Come on.

"She was so utterly authentic."

This is absurd, but it wasn't until this image that I was jarred back to reality with the knowledge that Winehouse is dead, and that she died at 27. Ugh. The trailer was so good that I almost managed to forget.

That smile. Never saw anything close to it in the latter portion of her career.

I'm not sure if this is accurate, but the trailer presents this as Winehouse's reaction the moment she won her Grammy. And, either way, the look on her face legit puts me in head-to-toe goosebumps.

Hearing "the world wanted a piece of her" as her father (her father!!!) ushers her past the photographers is just the worst. My stomach is so heavy.


"Amy was a girl that just wanted to be loved." MY HEART.

Her saying, "I fell in love with someone who I would've died for" is just hitting a little too close to home for me.

Oh god, this whole trailer makes you feel like there must be something you can still do to make it all turn out differently.

Amy, what are you laughing at? Please let me help you. The happier footage is honestly even more devastating than the rougher stuff.

If that's her mom, I am going to implode in sadness.

You have to stop this.

I don't know when this is, but look how all of the joy has gone out of her eyes!

And the final shot. Ugh guys I can't breathe.

Watch the trailer yourself below, and make sure you have a box of tissues with you when you do it.

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