The Internet Memes In This Delta Safety Video Basically Just Earned It An Internet Oscar — VIDEO

Recently, it occurred to every airline ever that they should make their safety videos more exciting. BREAKTHROUGH. Air New Zealand made a hobbit themed safety video. Air France obviously didn't want to be left behind, so it made a hilarious flight safety video featuring a seatbelt that would ~highlight your waistline~. (Yeah, that really happened.) The videos vary in quality levels, if we're being honest. One particularly bold one features bikini-clad women and is honestly pretty sexist. But the most Internet of all the airplane viral videos is Delta's safety video full of memes.

Basically, Delta decided to take everything that could possibly be classified as INTERNET and roll it into one video. And while I'm impressed by whoever stood up in the meeting and pitched "INTERNET" as their idea, that outcome is a little all over the place. It's meme overload, which is hilarious and well-executed, though perhaps a couple minutes too long. Like how many cats do we actually need to tell us to put on our seat belts? WE GOT IT. And while adding the Harlem Shake was an inspired move, was an infomercial guy mentioning Marnie the Dog really necessary?

I think the takeaway here is that the new way to say "I speak Internet" is to name-drop famous dogs of Instagram. It's 2015, guys. This is the reality of it:

A cat playing the piano

Obviously an Internet necessity.

And then there's a chair person

Because that's a thing that needed to happen.

And...a talking banana?

Unless they want to add Lucille Bluth saying, "Look, Mikey, it's a talking banana," I'm not enthusiastic about this.

(Also, this poor flight attendant really can't catch a break.)

Here's the full video:

Buckle up, everyone. And next time you fly Delta, prepare to explain what Internet memes are to your parents. It's guaranteed to kick your summer family vacay off to a great start.

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