Who Is '500 Questions' Host? Richard Quest Should Be The One Playing This Game

Another summer, another game show. This time, ABC is introducing audiences to 500 Questions. The name pretty much explains the concept of the show; contestants have to answer 500 questions without getting three wrong in a row. There are some more complicated aspects (time limits, different types of questions, yada yada yada), but it seems like yet another game show I'd be terrible at. 500 Questions is hosted by Richard Quest, who some may recognize from news channels. And although Quest is the host of the show, after looking at his "resume," I feel like he might be more qualified to be a contestant on the show.

Other than having a name that makes it incredibly easy for a writer like myself to make cheap jokes with — "Let's go on a quest and learn more about Richard." HA. — Quest has a resume that reads more like someone who should be answering the 500 questions, not asking them (though I'm sure he'll do a lovely job). He has made himself a very recognizable face on news networks like BBC and CNN for his eccentric personality. Basically, he's the perfect type of person for a game show. Here are the answers to all of your questions about Richard Quest.

He Has A Law Degree

Quest's education is incredibly impressive. He attended Airedale and Wharfedale College and then went on to earn an LLB (Hons) degree in Law from Leeds University. So he knows a thing or two.

He Has Reported For BBC & CNN

Quest has a long history with reporting business news on BBC and CNN. He started as a news trainee at BBC in 1985 and grew into a BBC Wall Street correspondent and BBC World Presenter from 1989 to 2001. He then moved over to CNN and became the airline and aviation correspondent, presenter of CNN Business Traveller, and also covered news on the Royal Family.

Now He's Doing His Own Show

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Quest now hosts Quest Means Business which CNN describes as a show on "how we earn and spend out money."

He Was Arrested On Drug Charges

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In 2008, Quest was arrested for possessing methamphetamine in Central Park. According to Fox News, at his arraignment, the reporter was told that his case would be dismissed if he attended drug counseling and therapy. After completing both, Quest spoke to The Guardian about the incident, saying, "It was a fairly awful and dreadful time. I got myself into a very nasty situation. But I got back from that position because of other people."

And Now He's A Game Show Host

I think if Quest can handle the economy, he can handle a game show.

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