Joe Jonas Turns Adam Levine Ad Into Something Hilariously Dirty & You Just Have To See It — PHOTO

We've all done it. You see something and just have to snap a photo, because you know it's going to make a fabulous and hilarious picture. Plus, you know you want to put it on Instagram. Well, that's what one former Jo Bro must have been thinking. On Wednesday, Joe Jonas shared a photo with Adam Levine that is getting people talking. Not only did the two get somewhat intimate, but according to Jonas' caption, they even had a "fun time."

Enough of me being all secretive. As you can see in the photo below (for those who didn't just scroll down and look at it first), Jonas is standing in front of a Proactiv poster showcasing Levine, who is a sponsor for the skincare company. The singer took the pic to a whole new level by standing sideways with his eyes closed and positioning himself to make it look like Levine's finger is his... well, you can see it for yourself. I don't need to into further detail, because it's pretty clear what Jonas is doing here.

I guess that's one way to have "fun" with the Maroon 5 singer. Now, I'll leave you to gaze at this photo. FYI, who else is going to picture Jonas every time they see Levine from now on — especially when it's on a Proactiv poster?