15 Books As Darkly Romantic As 'Twilight', Because That Chemistry Is Exactly What Kept You Turning Pages Years Ago

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Whether you were Team Edward or Team Jacob, you may have had a time in your life during which you were just a teensy tiny bit Twilight -obsessed. Who can blame your middle-school self? There was something so darkly alluring about the story of a completely ordinary girl falling in love with a super-old vampire. Sparkles! Werewolves! The Volturi — oh my!

Maybe Bella wasn’t everyone’s favorite character, and maybe the movies were often over-the-top (and maybe I forced my youngest brother to go see the last one with me while we laughed at unintentionally funny moments), but there’s no denying that it was a pretty significant craze for a reason. Because who can resist a classic story of Forbidden Romance? And whether you sold your four-book set at a yard sale years ago, or proudly display the series on your bookshelf now, you probably can’t help missing that hearts-beating-fast teenage chemistry. After all, since the newest Twilight-inspired work isn’t out yet, you’ve got some time to fill, so why not fill it with some swoon-worthy romance? And yes, these books are actually romantic.

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