Jane Fonda Covers "W" Magazine, Talks Knowing Her Body & Her Relationship With Fashion

I genuinely hope that as I age, I look as good as some of these women in Hollywood. At 77 years old, Jane Fonda covers W’s June/July issue, and while she may be the magazine’s oldest cover star to date, according to E! Online, you’d never know it by looking at this photo.

Transitioning from model to fitness fanatic to actress over the course of her career, how can one not consider Fonda an industry icon? With a limited supply of wrinkles, a full head of volume-packed hair, and an impressive physique I can only hope all of my hours at the gym will reward me with in years to come, I can describe Fonda in one word: Beautiful.

Aging really is just a number. There is no limitation on the mind, body and soul if you do not allow there to be one. Jane Fonda looks young because she feels young. She looks confident because she feels confident — and who wouldn't after living such a spectacular life like she has so far?

Continuing a career filled with success, Fonda is embracing her age and forming an even stronger bond with her body. With an attitude as positive as hers, I can imagine it will only get better from here.

Ugh, look at that fabulous outfit! Can I be 77 now, if that's what it looks like?

Image: W Magazine