Jennifer Lawrence and Justin Timberlake?

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out in a couple of weeks, which means America's sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence is even more everywhere than she usually is. This is something that approximately zero people are complaining about, especially since it means we get to learn further little tidbits about what it means to be JLaw, including (but not limited to) that crush Jennifer Lawrence had on Justin Timberlake as a teenager.

Of course, as Jennifer Lawrence is almost the exact same age as me (and yet I have so many fewer Oscars) I can say from first-hand experience that Lawrence grew into pop culture awareness right smack in the center of Justin Timberlake's reign as the ramen-haired prince of pop. Lawrence found herself with quite the soft-spot for said ramen.

"My teen crush [was] Justin Timberlake," she said in a Tumblr Q&A with Yahoo on Wednesday. "Early 90s Justin Timberlake though. Like 'NSYNC Justin Timberlake."She even elaborated further: "I remember buying the NSYNC CD. Remember how CD's had like the pullout picture things? And I was like getting so overwhelmed with like hormones I almost threw up!"We know the feeling, girl — that crunchy noodle stage in hair care had a powerful sexual energy to it.