15 Of The Best YA Books Of Summer 2015 You'll Need To Carry From Beach To Cookout To Bed And Back

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Set aside some reading time, because in summer 2015, YA books are better than ever. Authors are giving us a bounty of new stories that we're going to want to take to the beach, read under a tree during a family cookout (not just me, right?) and carry right home to bed because we can't put them down.

Not only are there highly anticipated sequels from some of YA's most prominent authors, there are debut novels that have been buzzing around YA fans and publishers since the beginning of the year. And look, I'll just say it: Sophie Kinsella, insanely famous from her Confessions of a Shopaholic series, will release her first young adult novel ever (and hopefully not her last). Whether you want magic, mystery, action, crime, or a good old fashioned summer romance story, you are in luck. And bonus: You are going to meet some pretty incredible leading ladies this summer, too.

In particular, these 15 new young adult novels are the ones you will get all sticky with melting popsicles and barbecue sauce fingers. Because that’s what summer is all about.

Image: aafromaa/Flickr

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