Will Reek Kill Ramsay On 'Game Of Thrones'?

I didn't think Game of Thrones could top Joffrey as the show's most hated villain. But, man is Ramsay giving him a run for his money! The most recent episode “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” had Ramsay raping Sansa with Reek watching. Quite the wedding night. It was a terrible, awful scene to watch, and I'm really not sure where they are going to take it from here. But, I am hopeful that the show-runners will give us something to root for in the midst of all this horror. While I'm not OK with the idea of using a female character's suffering to bring change and development for a male character, I do love the idea that Reek will kill Ramsay and reclaim the name Theon.

Sansa's rape is the worst thing Ramsay has ever done. (And that is saying quite a lot.) This was also one of the first things that we've seen Ramsay do to someone else, not just Reek himself. So it's possible that this will prompt Reek to help Sansa. After all, they were raised together and were practically siblings. His long-dormant protectiveness for her in the face of all of this evil could trigger something in Reek. Something that has been buried for a long, long time: Theon Greyjoy.

It's been so long since we've seen the real Theon that it is easy to forget, but this man was once Iron Born. He was a fighter and a warrior. He was so confident in himself he raided and captured Winterfell. He was also stupid, a bad commander, and had no sense of who to stay loyal to. (It should have been Robb!) But that doesn't negate all of the skills and power he once had. If he remembers who he was, if he wants to be that man again to help Sansa, there is only one thing for him to do: kill Ramsay.

That would be the ultimate way to kill Reek, to reclaim his name, and take back his identity. We've gone so far from the books at this point that it's almost pointless to speculate show action based on them, but Theon did remember himself in the book. He did try and save the girl. Theon himself has done a lot of wrong, maybe too much to ever make up for, but killing Ramsay (and Roose, while we're at it) would certainly help.

It may be pointless, but I will continue to hope that something good, anything really, finally happens for Sansa. The Starks need a win. We all need a win.

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO(2)