Eighteen-Year-Old Angela Clayton Makes Real-Life Versions Of Your Favorite Disney Princess Gowns And It's Pretty Impressive

In the words of Kate Spade, "playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends." At least that's the case for 18-year-old costume designer Angela Clayton, who recreates famous Disney Princess gowns, from Elsa and Cinderella to dresses from iconic renaissance paintings.

Clayton first learned how to sew when she was six years old but didn't really get into it until she was 14 and wanted to save money by making a cosplay costume herself. She soon stopped attending conventions, but continued to make costumes, telling Cosmopolitan that she "decided to just give [herself] more freedom for focusing on historical projects and original design."

Clayton has made some spot-on recreations of the gowns worn by your favorite Disney characters, including Elsa from Frozen, Cinderella and Merida from Brave. Currently, Clayton only designs gowns for herself, because she "is always available for fittings," but would like to pursue a career in costume design rather than going to a traditional four-year college.

"I love making costumes and I love bringing ideas to life," says Clayton. "If I could do that for fashion, especially for theater or film, that would be awesome. That's like my dream job."

Clayton, who is pretty well known on Tumblr and YouTube under the alias DoxieQueen1, doesn't just share carefully styled photos of her creations, she also shares tutorials for how to make different garments, like "Making A 16th Century Bodice" or "Making A Cinderella-Inspired Dress" so anyone can learn how to sew dresses fit for a queen.

Images: doxiequeen1.wordpress.com (2), @aberrylou/Twitter, Angela Clayton/YouTube