5 Eyelash Primers That'll Give You Glam Lashes All Day (And Night) Long

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False lashes scare me and I have no intention of conquering that fear. Lucky for me and any other false lash scaredy cats, Fashionista recently pointed out how glam mascara primer options to create extra dramatic lashes are totally starting to pop up everywhere. I’m obviously totally excited, since it means I can get all of the extra voluminous glamour of false lashes without accidentally getting glue in my eyes (or nostrils. It totally happened once. Please don’t judge me).

I rounded up five of my total favorite primers, all of which stand out for their unique brushes and easy application. Whether you’re a falsie master or disaster like me, these primers are totally worth adding to your make up bag. Bonus points because all of these primers are paraben-free. Yay and then some!

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