President Obama Says Goodbye To David Letterman, “National Nightmare,” With A Loving Dig

Good news from our current and a few previous presidents: The nightmare of David Letterman on our television screens is now over. On David Letterman's last episode of The Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday night, the episode began with Gerald Ford's swearing-in speech in which he proclaimed that "Our long national nightmare is over." Of course, Ford was talking about the circumstances in which he made his way to the White House thanks to the Constitution doing its job. But Letterman used this epic quote to his hilarious advantage by getting every living President (except President Jimmy Carter!) to state the same quote in reference to David Letterman's last episode of the Late Show.

When it was finally time for President Obama to take the screen and state the quote as well, Letterman then came onscreen as well and said to POTUS: "You're kidding right?" And with that, Letterman's farewell episode began in the most perfect way.

What a way to start your last episode on your own show, amirite? But then again, David Letterman and The Late Show has always been at its absolute funniest when Letterman is willing to make fun of himself more than anyone else. He has always had the expert ability to find the humor in the darkest, weirdest situations, especially if those situations are about him. And that's one of the main reasons I will miss him oh so very much.