I Kinda Ship Pod and Brienne... And You Should Too

So, how are we all feeling about Podrick and Brienne's relationship on Game of Thrones? I think we can all agree they're one of the best duos to quest through the forests of Westeros since the days of Arya and the Hound. But, could they also be... something more? (Winky face.) Seasons 3 and 4 may have all been about Jaime and Brienne (what with her catching him as he swooned in the bath, and him rescuing her from a bear), but Season 5 may have just introduced a new suitor for everyone's favorite oath-keeper... alleged sexual dynamo Podrick Payne, of course.

On their mission to save Sansa Stark (which will hopefully happen soon, given all of the controversial horrors going on), they've slowly gained one another's trust. (Or, rather, Pod gained Brienne's trust.) And, the whole bonding experience has been nothing short of heartwarming. Their never-ending trek through the forest has yielded some truly wonderful, and hilarious scenes. So, who's to say that camaraderie couldn't someday evolve into a relationship?

Now, the Pod/Brienne 'ship is still getting its sea legs, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it — and here are 11 reasons why:

1. She Opened Up To Him

Brienne's a woman of few words — so the fact that she shared a deeply personal story with Pod was a true show of confidence.

2. He Knows What's Up...

Sansa and Arya may have both turned down Brienne's offer to protect them, but Pod knows that she's one of the best warriors in all the Seven Kingdoms.

3. And He Loves Being Her Squire

This is the face he made when Jaime told him he'd be Brienne's squire — ADORABLE.

Oh, and here's his face when she finally let him do his squire duties:

Sweetest squire ever, or sweetest squire ever?

4. She Can Tell It To Him Straight

I'll never get tired of sassy Brienne. Now, I'm not sure how Pod feels about it, but man is it fun to watch.

5. Let's Face It, He Kind Of Needs Her Guidance

Dude has a lot of horse trouble, and he tried to cook a rabbit without skinning it first — basically, he stands to learn lot from Brienne.

6. But He's Always The Picture Of Courtesy

Pod may need a little help in the squiring department, but at least he's got the art of being polite down to a science (except for that time he actually called her "ser," of course).

7. Plus, She Can Save His Bacon...

Duck and cover, Pod — just like they taught you back in grade school!

8. ... And He Can Save Hers

Now, typically, Brienne's saving Pod from danger and fighting off all of the bad guys... but remember, Pod's not opposed to giving someone a spear to the back of the head if someone really deserves it — he's definitely someone you want on your team.

9. He's Loyal

Tyrion knows what's up.

10. Their Height Difference Is Very Charming


11. They Want Similar Things In Life

All in all, they're two incredibly loyal, driven people, wholly invested in fighting the good fight. Who's to say a little romance can't be added into the mix? Besides, rumor has it Pod's dynamite in bed...

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