13 Summer Bras For Your Trickiest Dresses (Because What Do You Even Wear With A Plunging Neckline?)

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When I talk about "tricky" dresses, I am referring to basically anything Jenny from the Block has ever worn on the red carpet. You know the ones — the dresses that need special bras. Or special underwear. I'm specifically thinking of Jennifer Lopez's Versace Met Gala dress that featured a whole lot of booty (it was much appreciated). And not only that, but who could forget her ultra-plunging green dress (also Versace) that she donned for the 2000 Grammy Awards?

I highly doubt J. Lo was wearing anything but pasties under that particular dress, but it is not impossible to find bra options that can work under any dress that you want to wear this summer season. You know the frocks I’m talking about: Ones you wear when it’s too hot to wear anything else. They’re backless, they probably have cutouts, halter necklines will make an appearance, and you know some strapless dresses will come out to play, too.

So I’ve compiled two handfuls and three fingers of options that will get you through the summer. Any dress, any time — these will have your back (pun intended).

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