5 High-Fashion Plus-Size Designers for Fancy, Quality Clothes

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I didn't get into fashion until I moved to New York for college five years ago, but when I did, I really got into it. Any money I made, I saved in the hopes of purchasing an absurdly beautiful (absurdly expensive) dress by Alexander McQueen or Chloe. I would browse saks.com for hours on end, making shopping carts and wishlists, totally oblivious to the fact that everything I so loved didn't love me back.

Most of the brands I was coveting back then maxed out at size 12 or a solitary L. And with time, I've grown to accept that a lot of those designers just don't want to go plus. Personally, I'm not holding my breath for the day Chanel or Saint Laurent decide to make all their clothes in sizes 12 and up. But that's not to say that I think high-fashion and plus-size have to be mutually exclusive.

Maybe the world of haute couture has yet to embrace our curves (as I so sadly discovered at 18, on 5th Avenue in Manhattan), but not all hope is lost. There are plenty of incredible designers who not only have sizes 12 and up, but pride themselves in producing remarkable plus-size apparel of high-quality and high-style. Here are five doing just that.

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