7 Things You'll See On The First Beach Day

Memorial Day weekend for many Americans is spent celebrating at the beach. The first beach day of the year is a special one, because it's kind of like riding a bike, in that we all know how to get there and the basics of how to do it. But there's always that first awkward day where everyone is trying to get back into the groove of beach life. People get cocky and assume it's just relaxing in the sand, when really it requires loads of water, sunscreen, and confidence to master safely.

The first beach day of the year will no doubt be a blast. Everyone will have spectacular memories to cherish for the rest of the summer, and will probably go home with the tan or sunburn to mark the occasion. But there will also be first-day hiccups and common mistakes that everyone makes when summer kicks off. Luckily, these mistakes happen every year, and the people who make them learn how to avoid them very quickly. So it won't be like this all summer, but it will certainly be this way on day one. Here are all the things you can expect to see on Memorial Day weekend on the first beach day of the year.

1. People Will Look Like They Haven't Seen The Sun In Months

Most beach goers do not yet have a "base." Time to bake!

2. They Will Flaunt What They've Got

No matter what your body looks like, this is the time to show it off. Love what you've got, and know that everyone around you (no matter how tan or toned) feels like a deer in headlights today. You are not alone.

3. There Will Not Be Enough Water Consumed

Nobody will drink enough water to keep them hydrated on this presumably active and hot day.

4. There Will Be Lots Of Bold Body Surfers

The ocean can be unpredictable, and when you haven't been in it in over a year, you might feel compelled to enter with zero caution. Body surfers, swimmers, and surfers will be everywhere, and most of them will be clumsy and will end up (safely) washed ashore a little worse for wear.

5. There Will Be Flasks

Most public beaches do not allow alcohol consumption, so you'll see lots of cocktail sneaking and hidden booze.

6. The Best Athletes Will Be Showing Off

People who run on the beach are the real heroes. Running in sand is HARD, and the people who do it willingly and for fun are magnificent specimens.

7. The Skin Will Be Pink

At the end of the day, skin everywhere will be turning a reddish hue, due to lack of proper SPF. Lesson learned the hard way, folks.

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