Woman Uses Facebook To Find Couple To Adopt Her Embryos, Because You Should Never Underestimate The Power Of A Status Updates

What have you been up to on Facebook? If you're like me, it's probably posting DailyMash articles and avoiding life. Maybe if you're fancy ,you're stalking your ex's new partner or ignoring event invitations. Well, we have all been seriously one-upped by a woman who used Facebook to find an adoptive couple for her extra embryos, according to WATE.

Angel Watts of Mount Juliet, Tennessee, had six remaining frozen embryos that she didn't want to go unused. Having been through her own struggles with fertility she wanted to provide assistance to other struggling couples. She initially gave them to an embryo placement agency and, after not finding any adoption takers through that agency, Watts reached out on Facebook in December of last year. Acknowledging the unusual nature of the request, Watts said in her post "this may seem like a crazy place to find a family but infertility couples don't walk around with signs on them, and often they don't talk to others about it. I'm searching wide and low, under every rock and crevice for this forever family".

orever family". Rayn and Richard Galloway contacted her in January and after hitting it off they went forward with the procedure. Cosmpolitan reports "Galloway has since undergone months of tests to make sure she was a good candidate before having the embryos implanted. There is a 46 percent chance the embryos will hold (and a 25 percent chance she'll have twins)".

Here's the Facebook post: