Hillary Clinton Is On LinkedIn Because She's "Looking For A New Job" (Hint, Hint) & She Should Add These 13 Skills

The job search struggle is real. So what's a 2015 graduate or, say, a 2016 presidential candidate to do? Well, Hillary Clinton took a step toward her next job by joining LinkedIn. But her profile won't be complete without her skills section. Her campaign tweeted out her new career networking profile on Thursday morning, highlighting the fact that she is "looking for a new job." Her description looked familiar:

Wife, mother, grandmother, women and kids advocate, FLOTUS, FLOAR, Senator, Secretary of State, dog person, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate.

She kicked off her profile with a post, "Four Ways to Jump-Start Small Business," echoing her recent platform as a champion for the little guy capitalists. The post talks about government red tape, expanding capital for small business owners trying to start out and tax relief.

The profile is part of the Influencers section of the site, which allows you to follow important figures. There is the option to connect with Clinton, but I wouldn't hold your breath on that one.

As you might expect from someone who has been secretary of state, first lady, and has a law degree from Yale, Clinton's LinkedIn profile is better than yours. Really. I don't care how much volunteer work you did during undergrad or that your internship asked you back two summers in a row. Are you a board member of a giant philanthropy tackling global interdependence? Didn't think so.

She's got her professional photo, experience, education, and a sassy-but-appropriate introduction, but, as any LinkedIn knows, your profile isn't complete without your skills section. Come on, Hillary! You've got to really sell yourself for this whole White House gig.

Maybe she's just being modest. It's hard to give yourself kudos sometimes. But here are a few skills I think would fit well in her profile. Get that progress circle up to 100 percent, girl!

  • Empowering women
  • Making scrunchies almost acceptable
  • Bringing opposing sides to the table on big talks
  • Meeting her mistakes head on
  • Taking life's many lemons and making a ton of lemonade
  • Sipping said lemonade
  • Redefining the role of FLOTUS
  • Making the acronym FLOAR a thing
  • Shaking haters
  • Authoring both children's books and memoirs
  • Dodging flying objects
  • Dodging sexism
  • Taking setbacks in stride

Just a few suggestions. And just FYI, since you're new to LinkedIn, Hillary, I would be happy to endorse you for any of these.

Images: LinkedIn (2)