British Man Stops His Date From Catching The Bouquet At A Wedding, Because You Can't Take Any Chances With Tradition

As anyone who's been part of a bridal party or spends too much time watching Say Yes to the Dress knows, weddings have a knack for making people a little cray-cray — brides who were previously level-headed morph into stressed-out emotional wrecks, siblings who haven't expressed any interest in getting married end up feeling the pressure to be next, and even the guests start to take tradition way too seriously. For an example, look no further than the viral video of a British man physically stopping his date from catching the bouquet at a wedding. Is the idea that the woman who catches the bridal bouquet will end up getting married next born of superstition? Of course. (I caught the bouquet at a wedding last September, and I've never been more single in my life than I've been in the past nine months.) This guy, however, wasn't about to take any chances.According to Jezebel, Daniel Bickerdike and his girlfriend, Angie Schultz, were at a wedding in South Africa when the bride tossed the bouquet into the crowd. As you can see in the video, the flowers were headed right for Schlutz... until Bickerdike instinctively pushed them away from his girlfriend before she could catch them, and they both watched in horrified silence as the bouquet flopped to the ground instead. Bickerdike told Metro that the couple laughed about it later, but judging from the girlfriend's look of incredulous disappointment, she may not have been as sincere as he believes. That woman has some Real Housewives-level side-eye going on. To watch the incident, moment by agonizing moment, check out the video below: