Coffee Might Reduce Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction, So Here's Your New Excuse For Caffeinating Before Bed

No one likes to talk about erectile dysfunction, but there may be a new cure on the horizon that will actually make you want to take steps towards prevention. A new study found that drinking coffee might reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction — meaning you or your favorite fella now have another reason to hit up Starbucks. The researchers noted that 85 percent of adults consume caffeine, but there has been little research on this stimulant's effect on ED... until now. Cue the dramatic music.

In order to conduct this research, the team studied over 3,700 men over the age of 20, whom they questioned about both erectile dysfunction and their caffeine consumption. They then analyzed these results to calculate how much caffeine these men were consuming, to get exact measurements of their intake in milligrams.

Perhaps surprisingly, they found that consuming caffeine lowered men's risk for having erectile dysfunction. Consuming between 85 and 170 milligrams per day, equal to about one cup of coffee, reduced instances of erectile dysfunction by over 40 percent. For those consuming 171 to 303 milligrams per day, equal to a few cups of coffee, their risk was lowered by 39 percent. In terms of how caffine helps to lower the risk factor physiologically, caffeine relaxes the muscles and arteries inside of the penis, which then permits more blood flow to the area, counteracting ED.

Approximately one in five men is affected by erectile dysfunction in the United States. "18.4 percent of men 20 years and older have ED, suggesting that more than 18 million men are affected," the researchers said. However, there was one exception to the caffeine-as-risk-reducer rule found in the study — men with diabetes. Diabetes is actually known to be one of the greatest risk factors for developing ED, and for those with both conditions, consuming caffeine didn't make a difference in their risk factor.

If you're already brewing a batch of coffee to drink before your next sexual encounter, here's a list five of ways you can use this finding to prevent ED from getting in the way of your sexy time.

1. Hit Up Your Favorite Coffee Chain

As if you need another reason to get your Starbucks fix, you can now justify it as insurance. Not a dude, but getting it on with a dude? Well, clearly you can't let him drink up alone! You could even make this your pre-coitus ritual if you're as passionate about coffee and um, prevention as I am.

2. Drink Tea in Bed

All forms of caffeine were shown to reduce the risk of ED, so if you're more of a tea person, brew up a pot and take it into bed with you before getting it on.

3. Get Creative With Chocolate

Chocolate contains 145 milligrams of caffeine per pound, so get creative with this guilty pleasure while you get in some other forms of pleasure. Need I say more?

4. Drink It On Ice

If it's an exceptionally hot day or you're without air conditioning, buy or make an iced tea or coffee. Consider it an experiment of the senses, as you both cool down before getting hot.

5. Down a Shot of Espresso

If you want to feel that caffeine rush, consider downing a shot of espresso with your manfriend. This small serving of coffee has 77 milligrams of caffeine, so doubling up might give you extra benefits.

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