Beyonce Wears Rita Ora Adidas Collection Body Suit, Causing Her Fellow Pop Star-Turned-Designer To Freak Out

Rita Ora continues her partnership with active wear brand Adidas, launching a Summer 2015 collection. She uploaded a photo to Instagram Thursday, beyond thrilled to show off Beyonce wearing an Originals by Rita Ora bodysuit on the beach. When the British singer and actress saw that none other than the music industry’s Queen Bee was a fan of her signature line, she fan-girl freaked.

Beyonce wore a leotard with an x-ray photo of the ribs and spine as a bathing suit rather than a body suit, and backwards, no less. No big. As long as Beyonce is wearing her clothes, I'm pretty sure Ora could care less how she wears them. Like, if she wore that bodysuit as a hat it'd probably still be cool.

The photo Ora posted shows her wearing the bodysuit she designed front-ward, with the Adidas logo embroidered on the front and blue, green, and red x-ray photo exposed on the back, juxtaposed next to Beyonce’s alternative rendition of the ensemble.

Who wore it best? Can we really decide? Both ladies are stunners, and the more ways to wear an outfit, the better. Not only did Beyonce make Ora’s day, she’s definitely going to help boost the fellow pop star's clothing sales.

The collection is available online and in stores, featuring pieces from jackets to shorts to shoes inspired by the British 1950s pop art movement, traditional Asian symbols, and futuristic x-ray images.

O Ray Bodysuit, $55.00,