18 Things We Geeked Out Over in 2013

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Look, we spend a good portion of our days quietly hyperventilating to ourselves about things like Patrick Stewart in a lobster costume or Karen Gillan's hair. Our job is to look at things on the Internet all day, so sue us*. Pop culture is, at its best, a salve for the badness of the rest of the world, and so we clung to that idea in 2013 — and boy did it provide. The movies, the shows, the announcements, the general Geeky Events — let's just say our Tumblr dashboards never tired of things to discuss.

Basically, there are a lot of things we freak out over over the course of a year — in the good ways and the bad, but it's more fun to remember the good. As geeks, we must unite and embrace these things, especially as a year ends and we head into a whole new slew of movies and actors and storylines to stress us out/make us love the world.

So join us, Internet sisters/brethren/etc., in remembering some of the things that sent us into all-caps Internet hyperventilation this year.

*Please don't sue us.

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