Does Astrology Actually Work?

I'm a Gemini, which means I was born between May 21 and June 21 — and yes, that also means my birthday is on Saturday (that was the whole point of writing this article, so you can stop reading now. I just wanted to remind everyone that my birthday is on Saturday). But does astrology actually work? According to new research, it might not be as out there as you might think: Birth month may, in fact, correlate with certain personality traits. Who knew, right?

I've always thought it was eery how accurate the astrological descriptions of my personality are. I do tend to be the kind of person who likes believing in stuff like fate and astrology, but that's because I honestly feel like it works sometimes. Also Gemini women are described as "truly enchanting," which of course is completely true. Just ask anyone I've ever dated (except the guy I went out with on Tuesday) — I am truly enchanting.

But in all seriousness, it turns out that there may be something to astrology. Mark Hamilton, an author and social scientist at the University of Connecticut, analyzed data from 300 celebrities in disparate fields, including politics, science, public service, literature, the arts, and sports. Medical Daily reports:

He incorporated traditional Western astrology, which uses elements like the water, earth, air, and fire; sign duality like bright and dark; and sign qualities like cardinal, mutable, and fixed to describe and categorize these effects. For example, December through early March is viewed as a 'wet' time of year. Wetness is connected to creativity. Meanwhile, signs that are considered 'fixed' are more likely to be stubborn and persistent than others.

Celebrities, it turns out, tend to have birth dates in "wet," "bright," and "fixed" months. Another study found that the most common zodiac sign for celebrities is Aquarius.

So while astrology in the traditional sense with star charts and whatnot may still be a little bit of nonsense, there is definitely a link between the season you were born in and your personality. Cool, huh?

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