7 Times Kendall Jenner Wore Crop Tops, From Cannes To Casual

US model Kendall Jenner poses as she arrives for the screening of the film 'Youth' at the 68th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southeastern France, on May 20, 2015. AFP PHOTO / ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT (Photo credit should read ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP/Getty Images)

Let’s be real: Kendall is already a huge style icon of mine, but this girl still never ceases to amaze me. Kendall Jenner wore a crop top to Cannes Film Festival, and looked absolutely red carpet appropriate. And if crop tops are Jenner's go-to (and they are) then, well, they’re mine, too. What a huge bonus that they’re super in right now!

The eldest Jenner is absolutely the queen of crop tops, and I’ll prove it to you by showing you seven times she’s rocked the whole exposed midriff thing. Who run the world? Kendall in a cropped top! OK, so not as catchy as the song, but definitely still true.

I mean, example number one: her Cannes red carpet look. Nobody can pull off exposing their navel on such a glamorous occasion quite like this 19-year-old model does. #Lifegoals, am I right?

Another reason why she’s so great at wearing this look is because she always knows just how to pair her tops with the right bottoms. She usually opts for a high-waisted pant or full skirt to go with her abbreviated blouses and she always gets the proportions just right, managing to show some skin and elongate those (already super long) legs.

Take a look at the seven times she’s totally owned the crop top trend in recent months:

1. Cropped At Cannes

Paired with a ball gown style high-waisted skirt, this look is a cooler take on the typical red carpet floor length fare.

2. Cut-Out

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/EdwardBarsamian/statuses/601086455876820993]

This top has cut-out, is structured, and goes great with that skirt. Another win for Kendall!

3. Courtside Crop


She wore this cropped white tee to the L.A. Clippers game and rocked the cut-off look from her tops to her bottoms.

4. Culotte Action

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/ASOS_Us/statuses/598521794501472256]

She really nailed two trends at once with this look and it's so on point.

5. Coachella Cropped

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/nusextra/statuses/593052068803452928]

She was oh-so-boho-chic in this top. How very Coachella of her!

6. Sexy Snake Skin


Sexy, Sexy! Like I said, Jenner knows how to style a crop top. She's baring it all in this Met Gala after party outfit and it looks so good.

7. Casual And Cropped

[Twitter Embed: https://twitter.com/ASOS_Us/statuses/594141726425673730]

A crop top and sweat pants? Now that really is my kind of go-to outfit!

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