This Outfit Breaks A Dress Code?

Today in bizarre teen dress code enforcement: Dayton, Idaho high school senior Evette Reay was suspended 30 minutes before the final bell rang on her last day of school over the dress she wore that day to celebrate.

Did the dress have sleeves? Check. Did the dress have a back and a relatively high neckline? Check. Pass the fingertip length test? Check. So what was the problem? As far as I can tell, maybe a scalloped hemline?

Legrand Leavitt, the teacher who took issue with the frock and gave student Evette Reay a hard time for it, technically cited that the dress was too short. Except that in the photo, it looks a reasonable hand-length above the knee, and the only thing we can imagine freaked him out was — gasp — that slutty, slutty scalloping. Which like, just because that detail, combined with a pastel color, reminds you of a nightie, dude, doesn't mean that she's breaking a dress code.

When Evette told her teacher that she wouldn't change out of the dress, he menacingly threatened her with a call to the superintendent. Leavitt claimed that he could have her diploma held for daring to argue with him. After that, Evette adhered to the school's handbook guidelines and called her mom to bring her a change of clothes, only to find out after the call that she had been suspended anyway for "insubordination."

Said Evette to ABC8, "I realize I told [the teacher] no, but after I talked to my school board member about that, he was like, 'You had every right to say no.'"

That school board member is Dan Garner and he's attempting to get her suspension expunged. But in a conference with Evette, her mother, her school principal, and Leavitt, the teacher claimed that she "was rude and got in his face when he said her dress was too short."

Uh huh. But threatening to call the superintendent over a hemline isn't combative?

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