WIll 'GoT's Kit & Rose Get Back Together?

by Maitri Suhas

Jon Snow, ever the glutton for punishment, is doing great at work but awful in his personal life. Jon Snow is the hottest lord commander of the night’s watch to date, but he doesn’t have much in the way of a love life after coolest redhead ever, Ygritte, passed away with the greatest last line ever: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Ugh, I’m sobbing and dying even more he was. And even more heartbreaking, Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, who played Jon Snow and Ygritte, respectively, were a IRL couple. And now they are not, and nothing is right in Westeros or out of it.

Harington and Leslie, both 28, reportedly dated for a year, and last August they got back together. I guess intense exposure and wild success as part of one of the most loved HBO shows of all time must make for a romantic environment. An "insider" told Us Weekly in August 2014, "They've been back on for about three months. That said, it's casual right now and they're having fun. They're not moving in together or anything like that yet." Those are very specific details, insider. Thank you.

But in January 2015, Harington said that it was just too damn hard to be an actor and be in a relationship at the same time. He told GQ, "I'll never talk about any particular relationship I've been in. But I will say I'm single at the moment." Wow. Rude. Why don't you want to talk about it?!

But, similar to sad Jon Snow, Harington seemed conflicted. "Relationships as an actor are incredibly difficult with someone who's not an actor, because they never get to see you, and with someone who is an actor, because you're ships in the night a lot of the time," the actor explained. How poetic.

And Rose Leslie has been just as "mum's the word." She hasn't opened up about their relationship, but once told Us Weekly, "I don't think he considers himself a heartthrob. He's a lovely man!" He sure is. Please do tell us how lovely it was to kiss him. How is it that Britain is overrun with horrible tabloids yet stars so private and considerate?

It's like they don't even care what us GoT fans whom they have never and will never meet think of their relationship! But, now that they are no longer working together on set (Still crying. Bring Ygritte back), it doesn't seem likely that they'll be hooking up again any time soon, being all "ships in the night" and everything. It's a shame. Who else from the cast can Harington date? I vote for Melisandre. They had great chemistry on that elevator up to the top of the Wall.

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