Cara Delevingne's Response About The Pressures Of Staying Thin In The Modeling Industry Is Absolutely Perfect

I never understood eyebrow envy until Cara Delevingne came into the picture, wearing a shirt reading "Ain't no wifey," and I fell even more into the abyss of obsession. Cara has always been a source of inspiration to me, wearing minimal makeup, throwing her middle finger up, and straying from the norm when it came to the insane standards of her industry. In he recent interview with WSJ mag, Cara Delevingne talked about the pressures of staying thin in the modeling industry, and her reaction is absolutely perfect.

All Eyes on Cara, written by Elisa Lipsky-Karasz, talks about how Cara used social media to build up her brand, but aside from her talk about her followers, crazy photos, and how the social media app can catapult you into success, she also talked about the downsides of being in her fab industry. Mainly, the pressure to stay thin.

We all known the constant scrutiny that women in the media receive: lips too small, lips too big, boobs too low, botched nose job, weight gain, is that cellulite?! There is truly no escaping it, no matter how hard you try to ignore it. But for those who won't bugger off, Cara has a message: "It makes me so angry. If you don't want to hire me, don't hire me," she told WSJ Magazine. I have to admire Cara's attitude of, "You don't like it? Don't look at it!"

Delevingne said, "It's horrible living in a world where I'll get a call from someone saying, 'So-and-so says you were partying a lot and you were looking this way and you need to lose weight.'" I can't even fathom the amount of attention and scrutiny that models like Cara have to undergo. Still, the supermodel won't let the haters get her down and told WSJ Mag that she's refocusing her talents towards acting.

Ladies, men, all beings: let's be kind to one another. Cara is obviously not the only one who struggles through these mean and judgmental remarks on the daily. We need to be more aware of what we put out in the universe. After all, confidence is sexy. Don't put 'em down, and more importantly, don't let 'em get you down! In an industry that tries to tear us down, let's say not today!

Images: @caradelevigngne/Instagram