International Vogue Magazines Inspire Your Weekend To-Do List

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What to do this weekend? You could get drinks at that one bar again... you could wear your little black dress, but you'll need to wash it first... sigh.

When I'm uninspired, I find it's always a good idea to crack open the magazine that Carrie Bradshaw once claimed "fed her" more than real food: Vogue. And not just the original Vogue, but all of its other national and regional editions, like Vogue Brasil, Vogue Thailand, and the euphoric Vogue Australia. A quick trip over to each Vogue's Instagram account provides color and innovation for days, and what month cries out for inspiration more than November? (Maybe February. Point taken.)

Whether you scroll through these photos while wrapped in a blanket, or actually get out there and do something about the gray skies, remember that the only way to do November wrong is to sulk through it. And Vogue just can't have that.

Image: @ula_leban/Instagram

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