Kate Winslet Shares Her Genius Mascara Hack That Might Change Your Lash Game For Good

For all my fellow sistas with thin lashes, all aboard the struggle train — we’re going for a ride to the land of Kate Winslet’s mascara hacks to find out how she applies this tricky product to obtain the look of full lashes. According to an interview with The Telegraph, when she applies her mascara, Kate Winslet uses a metal fan brush, which is known to have amazing root-to-tip coverage. Using this type of brush instead of a traditional spoolee gives you a natural lash look, while still giving that fullness effect.

Winslet advises to, “put mascara on the back of your hand and apply it with a flat metal brush.” At first, it sounded a little confusing to me, but it's actually quite simple. Winslet is just saying to rub some of your favorite mascara to the back of your hand so that you can easily get the product onto the fan brush. But if you don’t want to get your hands messy, I think it’d work to brush your mascara’s spoolee straight against the fan brush. And when you’re applying the product onto your lashes, you’ll notice that the fan brush makes it really easy to reach the roots of your lash line, which essentially will give you that natural look. If you're looking for a fan brush, the 205 brush from MAC is a good one to start out with.

(205 Mascara Fan Brush, $20, maccosmetics.com)

And in case you need more convincing, here's a profile of the gorgeous star's luxe lashes:


Images: MAC