Disney Mashup Is Trippy, Cheerful, and Gorgeous

Hey remember that time you dropped acid and watched Disney movies for about 15 hours straight but it only felt like three minutes? Probably not. But good news! Here's a video from remix artist Pogo that will help you relive that experience (or live it for the first time)! The beats are hypnotic, the mixing is hauntingly beautiful and heartwarming. And if you're a Disney nerd (or, you know, a typical American child who was fed a steady and constant stream of Disney between the ages of birth and 11), it's fun to pick out not only the visuals, but the audio clips as well. My personal favorite is his visual and audio use of A Little Princess , which is not a Disney movie but is amazing and actually holds up to adult cynicism (or, at least it stood up to my adult cynicism when I re-watched it a few months ago).

Here's the sad news: In trying to research more about the artist (because journalism, y'all! For you!), I stumbled across another little gem from him entitled "Why I Don't Take Feminism Seriously" and got so excited—and then got so depressed. The video basically says that women are invested in their own powerlessness and the "perfect princess" trope (which is interesting coming from a man who works with Disney princess imagery so much in his work), and, in fact, he says these things are forced upon women through socialization, because we like to be treated like little girls and blah blah, poor men, etc. I'm pretty sure I could hear the moment he pooped his diaper somewhere around the 2 minute mark, but I can't be sure. I waited for a while to try to figure out when he was going to do a one-eighty and reveal that his anti-feminist rant was actually satire, but it never came. *sigh* I guess I missed this whole kerfuffle back in January. I'M SORRY PEOPLE BUT I CAN'T MONITOR THE WHOLE INTERNET ALL THE TIME! I MISS SOME THINGS!


I guess this could be a whole exercise in separating the art from artist or whatever. If you can, check out the video below, if not, that's understandable. Just go ahead and google "baby hedgehog" or something. That should keep you entertained long enough for me to come up with something new.

Image: Disney