Lady Gaga Is Blonde Again, And She Documented The 9 Step Process On Instagram

Lady Gaga is a natural brunette, but her blonde ambition always gets the best of her. While Mother Monster changes hair her frequently, she has been dark for a somewhat decent chunk of time this spring. Lady Gaga went back to blonde and she documented the entire (sometimes ouch-inducing) process, step-by-step, on Instagram, offering some ideas and inspo along the way. So if you have the inclination and funds to copy her 'do, she showed you how.

While her follicles themselves probably hate the rigorous workout she puts them through, since all the wigs, coloring, and changes stress out the strands, she always keeps us guessing with what look she is going to pump out next.

The new blonde is super white and shiny and Gaga admitted in the captions that her scalp took a beating, since she doesn't like to use any bleach barriers to get a translucent, healthy shade of blonde. She even had to pound Advil and some pinot to get through it. Hey, whatever works.

I guess she really wants a very specific shade of blonde and is willing to suffer in order to get it! Her hair is totally glossy, even though it just took a serious chemical bath.

Here's how Lady Gaga went back to a "sparkly white blonde" in 9 steps.

1. Loosening The Color

Gaga kept stating in captions that she wanted to keep her hair healthy, so it took several hours and steps to get from brown to blonde.

2. Pre-Bleach

Gaga's reddish brown hair, before bleach.

3. Tools Of The Trade

Here we go!! Is it just me or does that look like chunks of blue cheese?

4. "Clean Solid Classic Blonde"

Gaga and her colorist went with a "virgin" bleach application to get a "clean solid classic blonde," without highlights.

5. Heavy Lifting

More lifting! This pic is making my scalp tingle.

6. Don't Forget Your Roots

Gaga showed the Little Monsters how the keep the virgin roots separate.

7. Coconut Oil Calm

Mommy Monster revealed that coconut oil was used to keep her scalp "calm" from all those chemicals. And yes, my scalp is starting to itch just looking at this process.

8. Toner Time

Almost dunzo... after toner.

9. Tada!

Here it is! A sparkly, translucent, and healthy-looking blonde. Gaga said that she went from a demi-permanent black to... this! It had to be murder on her head since it took so long and required lots of effort and chemicals, but the result seems worth it to her.

I can't argue with the results. It's so glossed out.

While Gaga looks amazing when she rocks dark locks, like so...

... but blonde works for her too!