Two Drunk Women Interrupt A News Report At Texas A&M, And Have Some Mindblowing Insights About Sports And Stuff — VIDEO

Drunk is an acceptable, perpetual state of existence when you're also a college student—especially at college sporting events, assuming your university actually had sporting events anyone bothered attending (mine had...lots of nature trails?). When you're still in school and Jell-o shots are typical Thursday fare, being loudly toasted is downright adorable, even! So when these two drunk women interrupt a news broadcast at Texas A&M with typical wastey pants college girl antics, expect to basically coo. But...I think they're at a Cowboys game? Which isn't a college thing, explicitly? Meh.

Maybe Andy Warhol was correct in his whole "15 minutes of fame" assumption, and it's not like it's now exclusively contained in a social media capacity. Because here we see two clearly bright, scholarly, downright sauced young women usurping the news reporter's mic and it is glorious. They do, especially, have thoughts on "Johnny Football," or Texas A&M University alum Jonathan Paul Manziel, who currently plays quarterback for NFL Cleveland Browns. I can't really understand what those profound thoughts articulate but I feel like that's a mixture of their slurring and my complete ineptitude with teams sports. Seriously, I thought the reporter was screwing with the ladies about Johnny Football because on the first few mentions, I felt convinced he was either a cartoon character or entirely fabricated.


Maybe I'm just jealous. I'm probably jealous. It's fine. But did you SEE the way they heroically join the frame?


Their confidence builds as they grow more comfortable on camera—likely a skill honed by fiddling with digital cameras starting circa age five or whatever kids normally practice these days. Honestly, I'm impressed how quickly they adjust to the broadcast format. Must be that envy thing again...

These women are only following the long line of valiant drunk news-interruptors before them—a rich tradition I surely hope continues throughout our fruitful lives. Here are two other choice examples (one also from Texas):

Drunk Austinite

jamesmerryman on YouTube

Her approach is subtle...albeit a little sinister. I'm a fan.

Alabama fans roll up

BamaDan197319 on YouTube

Man, sometimes I love the South super hard.

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