These Are The New Emojis Premiering Next Year, Because Even If You're Ready For This Jelly, You're Not Ready For This AVOCADO

When I first became inducted into the smartphone world (a bit tardy, TBH, this was circa 2012), I was amazed, sure. But the most important development it introduced to my life was a brand new, highly effective language in which I could now finally communicate in precise, graphic terms my (trust me) incredibly complex thoughts and contributions. Goddess bless Emojis—seriously. Especially now, considering the freshly rolled out diverse Emojis. They're not done there! Next year, 38 new Emojis descend to our mortal phones and they are poised to be truly spectacular.

I feel like you don't definitively know a person until you learn their own secret double meanings to Emoji. Everyone's keen to the whole eggplant means penis one so that doesn't count. The more nuanced, the more in tune you gotta be with a fellow human to actually comprehend. And sometimes it's even deeper than surface double meaning. For example, during my single days, I'd regularly meet unwanted romantic/sexual pursuits with a single dolphin Emoji. These dudes didn't get it, but my friends on the receiving end of the screen captures certainly did, and it provided endless hilarity for us at least (thanks again for that, dudes).

Here is a sampling of next year's emojis:

What kind of secret meanings can we apply to this new crop of Emojis? I take a stab with the full list below:

Face with cowboy hat

Dustin Hoffman, literally.

Clown face

Someone who regularly cracks jokes and won't stop until someone laughs even if it is a thinly-veiled courtesy laugh.

Nauseated face

Pre-, mid-, or post-gym feels.

Rolling on the floor laughing

"Tweens," "youths".

Drooling face

"I want nachos."

Lying face

"You should dump me."

"Call me" hand

A gesture to highlight how old we've all become, because I cannot imagine how ::rolling on the floor laughing:: we could still understand what this means.


Synonym to ::rolling on the floor laughing::. Also could mean any number of exes.

Raised backhand

To note a specifically fantastic rear end.

Left-facing fist


Right-facing fist



An acquantaince who will never know this code.

Hand with first and index finger crossed

"I don't care what happens next or ever."

Pregnant woman

Post-Chipotle feels, regardless of gender identity.

Face palm



"I actually care a lot what happens next and in the general future."

Man dancing

Pay day.


A dude who's better as a dance partner than a bed or life partner.

Man in tuxedo

Work crushes.

Mother Christmas

"I don't know please let me go back to sleep."

Wilted flower

"Yo, I just got super laid so don't expect to hear back from me for the next half-day or so."


"I don't respect that person."


"I want to befriend that person because of their motorscooter exclusively."

Octagonal sign

"You're late and I'm mad."

Clinking glasses

"Surprise! Yours is O'Douls!"

Black heart

Someone who takes themselves overly seriously.




"I am in actual, forever love with you."


Penis with positive qualities; "a good one."


"Remember sunscreen is important!"


"I should vote for a healthy dinner option but I'm not going to."


Penis with questionable qualities; "not sure yet".

Fox face

Hunger Games trilogy.


Patriotic only in fashion sense; Springsteen fans.


Someone with good hair only.


::rolling on the floor laughing:: in a temporary goth phase.




A person who excels specifically at cunnilingus.

Images: Wicker Paradise/Flickr; Giphy (11)