12 Sneaky Ways To Drink At The Park This Memorial Day Weekend, Because Wine Makes Every Picnic Better

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to hit up the park, stretch out on a blanket, and enjoy some good times, and though it hasn’t been scientifically proven, bringing alcohol to your picnic tends to make it 10 times more amazing. Lucky for you, there are many easy ways to get a few beverages into that basket of yours. If you don't have your own backyard and are planning on BBQing this year, be sure to bring along at least one of these 12 products (but let's be serious, probably more). From ridiculous flasks to travel-worthy booze brands, there's no excuse to be dry on Memorial Day if you don't want to be. Enjoy responsibly, of course.

Image: Fotolia

by Chelsey Grasso

Stack Wines

Yup, it’s wine you can stack. It’s also made with a shatterproof container. Perfection for traveling winos.

4 Pack, $12.99, Stack Wines

Flipflop Cans

As Flipflop Cans itself proclaims, “Yes we flippin’ can!” I always knew a day would come when we could drink wine out of cans.

4 Pack, $11.00, Flipflop Wines

Wine Rack Bra Flask

Its name is pretty clever — and so is this whole invention. A+.

WineRack Bra Flask, $29.95, Sneaking Drinking Headquarters

The Beerbelly

It might not be particularly flattering, but it does hold more booze.

The Beerbelly, $29.95, The Beer Belly

Private Reserve Flask

Everybody needs their own private reserve. Fact.

Private Reserve 3 oz Flask, $24, Izola

Pocket Shots

Available in seven different flavors, you’ll never be more happy to have your pockets full.

12 Pack, $14.99, Pocket Shot

Envoyage Tasche Weekender

Yes, this is a real product. Yes, you are welcome.

Envoyage Tasche Weekender, $1350, Envoyage

Vernissage Wine Purses

They’re kind of like designer bags, but made from cardboard and filled with wine.

Vernissage Wine Purse, $47.09, Vernissage Wine

Sunscreen Flask

You may look crazy taking swigs from it, but who really cares.

Sunscreen Flask, $9.99, Spencer’s

Flask Bangle

Probably the best flask to ever exist. It’s a bangle, and it’s easy access — done and done.

Flask Bangle, $365, Cynthia Rowley

Tampon Flasks

Are they gross? Little bit. Are they worth it? Definitely.

Tampon Flasks, $11.20, Shop Jeen


Yup, this is real life. Now you really won’t want to ever put down your iPhone.

iFlask, $29.95, iFlask