North West Just Brought Back This '90s Staple

by Julia Guerra

What better way to prepare for Memorial Day Weekend than with a little accessory inspiration? Kim Kardashian posted a photo of a very stylish North West wearing vibrantly colored butterfly clips in her hair to Instagram. I am all for a little pop of color in a sea of black on black, which is often the reality star’s go-to palette for her baby girl, but while I always look to my lipstick or bracelet’s for contrast, adding a bold hair accessory could be my new fall back. Inspired!

But wait a second. It’s totally Flashback Friday, and I’m pretty sure Kim Kardashian just participated without even realizing it. Let’s take a moment to travel back to a time in the mid to late '90s when butterfly clips were all the rage. You weren’t the cool kid on the block if your hair wasn’t decorated by at least a dozen of those mini-neon colored accessories, and if you were of the elite group of girls with the bigger, metallic butterfly hair pins, you were at the top of your class. I'll take my bows now.

I’m willing to bet most of you reading this are still hoarding a few in your room, busting them out to pull back your hair while you do your makeup, or just to contain those pesky fly-aways while you veg out on a Saturday morning. I know I do it.

While I may shamelessly take full advantage of my still-handy butterfly clips, lord knows I will never wear them out in public again. Why? A) I’m a twenty three year old woman and those babies were meant for the grammar school/middle school days and B) Some trends were meant to live and die. North West, however, just took butterfly clip to a whole new level, and I don’t know about you, but I would probably wear one of those in my hair given the appropriate outfit.

Modern times call for modern accessories, and I've rounded up five butterfly clips that you'd actually wear.

1. John Hardy Butterfly Clip

John Hardy Butterfly Clip, $122.50,

2. Rodarte Gold And Silver Butterfly Barrette

Rodarte Gold And Silver Butterfly Barrette, $390.00,

3. JaneRoyaleDesign Two Layer Butterfly Clip

Two layers Butterfly hair pin, $27.50,

4. Butterfly Rhinestone Crystals Clips

Butterfly Rhinestone Crystals Clips, $10.99,

5. L. Erickson Artisan Butterfly Barrette

L. Erickson Artisan Butterfly Barrette, $72.00,

Wallet out, yet?

Images: Courtesy Brands