7 Amazing Reasons To Celebrate National Wine Day

Wine is the key to happiness. It's a fabulous friend to end your day with, and especially on National Wine Day (which is on May 25th), you would be wise to kick back with a glass in your hand. This is a drink that encourages the act of savoring. Savoring is something we all need to do more of anyway. We need to slow down, take in our surroundings, and enjoy the things we have. Because of its sometimes strong taste, it forces you to lower your constant need to hurry through life and look deeper into your current environment.

Wine is also an alcoholic beverage, so the booze is certainly the main reason everyone loves it. After a hectic day at work, walking through your front door, away from all the ringing phones and email notifications provides instant calm, but it doesn't completely remove the chaos. You probably have bills on your counter and dishes that need to be cleaned. Chaos is everywhere, and sometimes we need something to make us take a little time to relax. In honor of National Wine Day, here are all the reasons wine is the best way to unwind after work (and why every day should be Wine Day).

1. Because there's a wine for everyone

It truly does not matter what kind of flavor you prefer — there is a wine to match it. If you like a bold flavor, go with a red. If you like the taste of liquified candy, go with a sweet riesling. People who "don't like wine" just haven't met their mate yet.

2. Because it makes you look classy

Wine glasses are just built to look sophisticated. The delicate stems and the sparkling rims make you look like you've got it all figured out — even if you absolutely don't.

3. Because it makes you feel like Olivia Pope

If it's her drink of choice after the unbelievably stressful and intense job she does, we should really all be drinking it.

4. Because it's instantly calming

Thank the alcohol for that.

5. Because it's a complex beverage

Wine experts can identify subtle undertones and notes of... anything. Wine has layers, and it's like a treasure hunt trying to find out what they are.

6. Because it's a drink that can fit into any budget

For those who have some extra cash to spend, you can splurge on a $15 to $20 bottle. On the flip side, you can spend less than $10 and get a gallon of wine in a box.

7. Because it's beautiful

White, red, or pink — wine is just a pretty drink. It's gorgeous in a subtle, underrated, natural way. It's like the Anna Kendrick of drinks.

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